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Hi there, you're probably wandering in here because you knew me or are following the link to one of the posts I made in the past or perhaps you have one of my posts bookmarked. That's perfectly fine, but you should know that I'm not really using tumblr anymore. I still check my inbox from time to time, but I won't be posting anymore, so if you'd like to talk, shoot me a message and I'll get back to you asap. I'm still open for battle invitations and I'll always be willing to exchange friend codes with anyone!

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BE CAREFUL!! some group of assholes has planned a Purge-esque murder spree between 8PM and 6AM.



what the fuck



For all the fiasco at dashcon, the Disney sing along was super fun

Dashcon Post


Guys, I am sick and tired of seeing posts slamming Dashcon…posts from people who weren’t even there. You’re continuing the spread of misinformation and I’m done. My brother worked the con, as did many of my friends. So here’s what really happened.

First off: Nightvale.

They refused to stay close…

A Fond Farewell, Schaumburg West, 1 pm


I make this post because I’ve seen such rampant lies about events at Dashcon that have already been explained and I can’t stand to let the ignorance grow. I will later be tagging specific people I think should see this and get some facts straight. What I post here is a mix of my own observations…


you all are posting hate about a con that you more than likely didn’t go to and are taking info from what you hear from tumblr




All info provided here is either taken directly from what I heard from management when they discussed these issues, what I heard from other panel members, what I heard from Night Vale members, or from what I saw/experienced myself.

#1: The BDSM panel let minors in.

This is completely untrue. The con staff was extremely diligent about checking not only wristbands, but IDs to prove real ages for all attendees coming to 18+ panels. Also, I’d like to add this rumor started hours before the panel even happened.

#2 There was no security.

Also false, as there was plenty. Some people at Dash Con may not have been aware there was security, since many of them were dressed in suits so they would not intimidate the younger crowd members. But I can say, I saw plenty of security.

#3 The vendor room was mysteriously empty.

Absolutely not. The room was filled to the brim with a plethora of INCREDIBLE artists of all ages, and their art was in no way over priced. It was pretty normal if not cheap, pricing. I’d also like to add how grateful I am for the kindness the artists all seemed to have. They were all open, friendly, and happy to answer any questions we had. I actually came late to a couple panels from being so engrossed in conversation with some of the comic makers!

#4 Dash con was all straight, white girls in flower crowns screaming about feminism then going to a homoerotic subtext panel

Well, no. As someone who identifies as queer myself, I can vouch for the fact that there were many people who identified all over the LGBTQIAP+ spectrum. Though yes, the con was primarily female and white, and I do hope at future Dash Cons we see a greater diversity. (And I did speak to some other attendees who, while agreeing the con was primarily white, felt the con was actually more diverse than some other conventions they’d been to in the past). But I  I did not hear any form of exclusionary statements from the crowd, as they (as I will go into detail later) were EXTREMELY friendly and open. If anyone at the con did experience discrimination that I wasn’t aware of, I am so sorry that happened, that is not okay.

I’d also like to touch on the “feminists at homoerotic subtext panels” comment. The crowd was primarily feminist, but the homoerotic subtext panel is not what it was portrayed to be. It was not, “yay, johnlock and destiel!”, it was more “fuck queerbaiting and lack of POC representation.”

#5 Dashcon members were rude to staff

Actually, many staff members seemed to find DashCon quite friendly. They socialized with the con members, going on about their fandoms, and took pictures with various cosplayers. I know some online said the late night singing could be seen as stressing out staff, and I agree. But also keep in mind at the time we were all rallied in a single room that was far away from the actual hotel, and  caught up in this desperate fear the convention would end paired with anger at the upper management (not that this is an excuse if we did stress out any hotel staff though). Our management also made it clear we should NOT get angry at hotel staff for what happened, since this was indeed in no way their fault. We listened. And again, if there were in fact any hotel staff who did experience harassment, or felt stressed out by the singing I am so sorry that happened.

#6 The ball pit and game room were terrible.

Actually yeah that statement’s a fact no matter how you look at it.

#7 The con lied about the number of attendees to look better

When  asked about this at the final meeting, management said they were too busy with everything else to even try and give a count beforehand. When right afterwards asked about how many people they management team estimates came simply by what they saw looking around, they guessed maybe around 1,000 showed up.

And, of course, the big ones:

#8 The con was scamming $17,000 out of the attendees

The con staff were not scam artists, they were just extremely naive. Basically what happened was the hotel made an oral agreement saying that they’d be okay if management paid their bills over the course of the 3 days. But then, on Friday, upper hotel management pulled one of our management team into a room and said they wanted $20,000 by 10:00 that night or the convention was cancelled. The staff then proceeded to spend the entire day trying to come up with alternate plans (I’d like to add that banks do not give loans to organizations like this that are under 3 years old), and as a very last resort asked the attendees. They made it extremely clear at multiple panels that they did not see this money as donations, but as loans. They even created a list for people who paid in cash, going off an honor system almost anyone could abuse, so they could pay us back. I’ll be honest, when they talked about how the whole paypal thing worked I got a little confused by what they were saying, so cannot provide the best information on that. I’d try reaching out to other con members if you’re curious. The letter posted online that was dated July 12th was a letter put together at 1 AM Saturday to say the money was paid, not a letter given to management before the fiasco. Basically, my take is, we’ll know if this is a scam if attendees don’t get their money back. If that’s the case, then I’ll be pissed off too.

I’d also like to add, as naive as the management was about the situation, why aren’t more of us blaming the hotel? It’s true they had every legal right to do what they did, but it was still a very low blow, as they literally were fine with letting down our many attendees.

#9 Not really a myth, but here’s an explanation of Night Vale

Basically what happened was the crew of Night Vale said they wanted the money up front. Apparently paypal was not working, so management asked to quickly run to the bank so they could get the money to pay them. The most nearby ATM that would allow them to dispense all the money they needed was at the nearby Woodfield Mall, which would have been about a 20 minute drive their and back. The Night Valecrew denied the offer, and left. Now, after everything else that went wrong, I can sympathize with the crew of Night Vale in being lenient in accepting that offer, especially after all the financial problems that had happened before and since they paid for their flight and hotel out of pocket. 

But I will admit, as a HUGE Night Vale fan myself, I’m a bit upset they’d let the fans down, especially since many people traveled to this convention primarily, if not only, to see the live show. Still, I do not hold a grudge, and recognize the crew does hope to come back to Chicago, and are still a wonderfully dark and hilarious show that runs off donations and has FANTASTIC representation of many communities. This incident should NOT discourage anyone from continuing to listen to the show, donate, etc. I’ll also add that our management said they feel the exact same way. They also say they will be working to refund anyone who paid for reserved space in advance. Again, I will be VERY upset with management if they do not go through with this. Still, I am so sorry to anyone and everyone who had to wait 3 hours in line for the Live Show.

#10 DashCon was a complete failure

Absolutely not. There were definitely some overly ambitious and naive management members that led to some pretty big mistakes, but management’s errors were not the whole con. I cannot BELIEVE how LOVING the atmosphere was. Everyone I met was extremely friendly, open, and easy to talk to, including the fabulous artists and panelists. Though I’m not an avid con-goer myself, many I talked to who are said they found it to be the friendliest, most polite crowd they’d ever met. There was  no cosplay harassment (staff enforced the “cosplay with consent” and attendees listened, and there were no “you’re a hack!” comments floating around), and really no negativity towards anyone at the convention, besides of course our anger at the issues that went down at hthe convention. I wish more people could have experienced that loving vibe.

In summary, I know myself and many others at Dashcon found this convention to be a wonderful experience we hope to see continued, though next time with MUCH better planning. And my personal touch: hopefully next year we see some more non-fan art tumblr artists. Fandom art is wonderful and extremely important and I’m glad they all were there and hope to continue to see them, but I know plenty of my fellow non-fan art tumblr artists would really love to have a place to to display and sell their work too! :)

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Have a lovely day!


Dashcon hate has been pissing me the fuck off all day.
This was a first year convention.
They are never perfect.
Mistakes can be made.
It is to be expected.
Yes, it did fall short of expectation (ball pit especially), but it was not a horrible convention. I had a lot of fun seeing my boyfriend and his friends who live 9 hours away and meeting new people from all over and I most definitely don’t regret going. I agree, what went down was shady and questionable, but I’m the kind of person to give the benefit of the doubt. This is a pretty nice hotel and I agree the people the came for this convention are more than likely nothing like the people that normally stay here, so I think it’s plausible.
All in all, just please stop hating on dashcon if you weren’t there, it’s just plain rude to the people that were there and were trying to have a good time.


I came back on tumblr momentarily to tell my boyfriend 4 floors down to WAKE THE FUCK UP IT’S DASHCON DAY ONE MOTHERFUCKER



Here’s the thing.

I’m honestly regretting how much time I spend on tumbr. I’ve spent far too much of my time on here and I think I should move on and spent my life elsewhere. I was going to wait until Homestuck finally updated, but I work better when I cut things away from my life completely and just stop altogether.

Therefore, after my queue runs out, I’m done posting. I’ll keep my blog up for the reason of bookmarked pages I don’t want to lose as well as emergency contact with people and news on any local homestuck events going on in my area. But I’m done wasting my time here. I’m tired of wasting time here and feeling like a piece of shit, so I’m gonna change that.

I wish you all farewell and hope you all can stay safe and keep positive.